Super Diego, Charles Darwin Research Centre - Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz by ToonSarah 1 Star this if you like it!


Ils1976 2y

I honestly don't know, it was in the news about a week ago. They released one, but I am not sure it is Diego, I am going to search it myself. If I find it, I am surely letting you know! :)

I wonder if that's the same one? I must do some research!

Ils1976 2y

I am sure of it ... Recently I saw on the news that they had set a turtle free in the Galapagos. I am not sure, but I guess his name was Diego. He was more than 100 years old, had more than enough offspring and could relax and have an "old" day on one of the islands.

I bet he's seen a lot Ils ;)

Ils1976 2y

wise old man! :)

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