Forum Cafeteria, Minneapolis, MN, US 1978 - Minneapolis by dromosapien Star this if you like it!

Forum Cafeteria, Minneapolis, MN, US 1978 constructed: 1914, as Saxe Moving Picture Theater, it became part of the chain of Forum Cafeterias in 1929, and finally Scotties on Seventh, a disco, moved into the building in 1975 architects: Magney and Tusler address: 36 South 7th Street razed: 1979, and the rest of its side of 7th Street, to build ‘City Center’ * at this approximate site, which is now the City Center block, the art deco interior of the Forum Cafeteria has been reassembled behind the modern exterior glass walls and is currently called the Forum Restaurant and Bar (2010).

Downtown West , USA


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