Citadel Interrogation Room, Huy, Belgium 2010 - Huy by dromosapien Star this if you like it!

Citadel Interrogation Room, The Germans imprisoned over seven thousand people in Fort de Huy during World War II. Fort de Huy / Citadelle de Huy - fortification built on the site of Li Tchestia Chateau (razed 1717) constructed: 1818-1823, by the Dutch engineer lieutenant-colonel Cammerlingh & Captain A. J. Anemaet. re-use: as a prison May 1940-1945 September 1944, by Germany. re-use: again as a prison 12 September 1944 - December 1946, by Belgium for its WWII traitors. current use: Museum of the Resistance and Concentration Camps, since 1992. location: atop Mur de Huy / Wall of Huy a 128 meter / 420 foot hill.

  • 14 May 2010
  • Tags: #huy

Huy , Belgium


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