Porte d'Aude, Carcassonne, France 2010 by dromosapien Star this if you like it!

Entrance to La Cite de Carcassonne, a walled city fortified by the Romans 100 B.C. and Visigothic King Theodoric II in 453. Expanded in the 11th-13th centuries, the fortress was gradually abandoned after the French and Spanish agreement to the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659) reduce the need for the fortress-city's strategic position. Nearly demolished by Napoleon III (1808-1873) the restoration of the inner city, chateau, basilica, walls and 53 towers began in 1853 by the busy architect renovator d'Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879). Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997.


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