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She likes light and be photographed inside a busy museum. She wants to understand on how tornado is created as she awaits the formation at top of the simulation flatform. Taken during my Xmas holiday in North Carolina and my friends' families and I visited a science museum on Boxing Day.

Mayes , USA



Hi, Sunniebgi - You perfectly described the feeling of this little girl. Im sure she doesnt want to hear the scientific explanation of why the smoke and air are coming out from the flatform. She wants to see how much smoke will cover her while standing there as she believes that having her at the center, the smoke is being created! It was a surprise for me to get this image and showed to her parents. It was a delight for the mother seeing this rare candid scene of her little superstar!

Sunniebgi 11y

I like this picture. You can almost feel the anticipation by the expression on her face. and the movement, it's like if I wait just a minute the smoke might get higher and her hair is going to just start going. Very cool.

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