Tangier Lisba bar..... by Bennytheball Star this if you like it!

In an inconspicuous, nameless side street off the south side of Avenue Pasteur, lurks Lisba Bar, one of the very few surviving relics of Tangier's notorious Interzone decades, now remaining comfortably decadent and unimposing, the bar has television to accommodate the demands of football addicts, and a kitchen at the rear of the salon for the supply of 'tapas' ( small plates of complimentary free food) distributed when deemed necessary by the 'large' friendly hostess who also doubles as the bouncer, occasionally a passing minstrel picks up the in-house Oud from its niche carved out of the wall, performing impromptu renditions of traditional Berber music, much to the delight and appreciation of clientele, who dance around to the beat (adequate sobriety permitting!) One of my favourite Tangier bars.....

طنجة , Morocco


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