Fes el Jdid, Mellah Synagogue Slat al Fassiyene information board.... by Bennytheball Star this if you like it!

In common with all historical sites in the Fes Medinas a tourist trail information board is sited outside the front door of the Synagogue, it reads ( verbatim)... Slat al Fassiyene Synagogue belongs to the Jews (Beldiyene) Toshabim: native Jews who lived in Fes before the arrival of the Megorashims; the expelled Jews from Spain in 1492. "Slat al Fassiyene Synagogue" a building covering 170 square metres built in the 17th century, it includes a small entrance hall which leads to a prayer hall housing some furnished rooms on the Mezzanine level. It has been used successively as a workshop for carpets and then a gym. Despite the different uses and the degradation of its state, it still keeps its original aspect. The Synagogue was restored to its original state thanks to the initiative and commitment of Mr Simon Levy, former general secretary of the Judeo-Moroccan Heritage Foundation, the Jewish community of Fes, Jacques Toledano Foundation and the foreign affairs ministry of Germany, the restoration was realised in 2010-2011. The inauguration of this historical monument was celebrated on the 13th February 2013 under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed 6, may God glorify him.

  • 18 September 2017
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فاس , Morocco


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