Tangier Medina, tomb of Ibn Batouta info plaque... by Bennytheball Star this if you like it!

A tourist trail information plaque is attached to the wall of the tomb, and reads ( verbatim)...... "This simple and sober building is dedicated to the memory of a universally made famous by his travels around the world during the 14th century. Abu Abdullah Muhammed Ibn Ibrahim Allouati at Tanji, Ibn Battouta says, is indeed born in Tangier February 24 1304 ( 17 Rajab 703) he left his hometown in 1325 to perform the pilgimage to Mecca and returned there after 29 years of adventures in which is present 44 countries, having travelled to North Africa, Egypt, Palestine and Syria, Medina and Mecca,Iraq and Persia, Southern Arabia, Yemen and East Africa, Asia Minor, and Constantinople, Southern Russia and Central Asia, India, Muslim Maldives and Ceylon Sumatra and China. After a brief stay in Tangier (1346-1349) he returned to Andalusia (Granada) and travelled to the kingdom of Morocco, the Sahara and West Africa. In 1368-69 Ibn Battouta died leaving behind him the story of his journey, Ibn Jouzay, dictated at the request of Sultan Abu Anan Merenid. The world completed in 1355 in Fez, is entitled to present those who like to reflect on the sights of cities and wonders of travel, but it is known to Rihial Ibn Battouta."

طنجة , Morocco


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