Medieval room in the castle keep by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

The rest of the château is renaissance style but the keep retains its medieval flavor. The Keep is all that remained when the original castle was taken down in 1532 to build the new renaissance structure we know today. Chateau of Villandry is the last of the great chateaux of the Loire built during the Renaissance in the Loire Valley. It was modified over the years until 1906 when Dr. Joachim Carvallo and his American wife Ann Coleman bought and restored it to its Renaissance grandeur. The Carvallo family still own it and are continuing renovations and improvements. If you time your visits several years apart, you can see the changes. It's fun to watch the transformation. Many people go to Villandry to visit the gardens and will tell you to skip the château. Don't listen to them. The château is wonderful and gets better each year. Furthermore, the view of the gardens from the top of the tower is magnificent. Then, after you climb down from the tower, visit the gardens and enjoy them too. You can easily spend a full day at Villandry.

Villandry , France


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