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kurdish coloured kid by marcaval Star this if you like it!


yes,the kid is really cute:)

Yes , I know.
It's the tradition of all the people of that region.
And it's very important for zorotraism and for all kurdish people.
I was three times in the Newroz inside the kurdish people.

but the kid is cute:)

Kurdish people has no state,so they has no flag.And Newroz is an old Turkish tradition and feast.And it is celebrated by all Middle Asian Turkish people and all the Turkish world.So Newroz is not belong to Kurdish traditions,it's our collective tradition.
take care

This picture was taken in Nusaybin, east Turkey near Iraq, during the celebration of Newroz, this is the New Year Celebration for kurdish people, the colours on the face of the kid are the kurdish flag colors'.

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