The Wheel and The Wheelers, Episode I by rinzin Star this if you like it!

Our feet were set, so were arms. With strength no less than that of gushing vigor (at initial point), found The Wheel and The Wheelers spark for the day as you ramble and pedal uphill and reached the startup point at Kuenselphodrang where the trails begins. With no less than 500 ml of bottled water each carefully tucked inside our bottle cage, ‘this is a life saver’ everyone proclaimed! Then having a firm grip on the bicycle, The Wheelers pedaled the drifty path into the wild jungle. The off road! Indeed. The destination was Debsi for sure. However, as you meander and stroll, this wild jungle has many surprises to offer. As you pedal the warm smell of earth with strong pine leaves fills your skull, the trivial outlets of little water making your twists and turns quite quaky beneath your wheels. All you need is a little sense of guardedness, and the all ride is yours. And more often than not, warm greetings of ‘Kuzuzangpo-la’ from mushroom pickers, as in the year-this is the time. The last gentle ramp soon reached us to an open space at the hill top called ‘Happiness Garden’. This vicinity gives you an access to be a part of your noble action - by participating in tree plantation. If you are a traveler to Bhutan, than this is one thing you shouldn’t miss. Some of the classifications that you can plant are: Cypress, Blue pine, Oak, Maple, Dogwood, Chir pine and Rhododendron. True to our senses, the Happiness Garden did not let any of the wheelers pass. We paused for a while and yes, we were in awe. From here, the view is simply spectacular; with winds echoing from far mountains while birds singing their own songs; and for once if you close your eyes, the tenor, soprano, alto and the bass forms a combination that stands second to none to any orchestra. Sitting down on the dust, meeting your thirst-full soul while your eyes are fixed at Thimphu valley below sitting at its grace did somehow spoke of profound gist of happiness. Amazingly if happiness could fly, it was then blowing in the wind. ‘Our ride is long’, cried a wheeler and soon found ourselves fathoming into the deep. Steep was the way and quite a dodgy one. Now is the time we adjust our gears and as penned earlier, we got to affirm ourselves with little caution and focus. At this point the trail becomes more vertical with barely 6 to 8 inches broad and the pebbles making it more difficult with sharp cliff running straight down of about 60 to 80 feet below. This is off road of course and this is the beauty. With the final turn, the Wheel and The Wheelers reached the broad paved way of Debsi and desirably swift the wheel with all skills and tricks and of course with songs and smile of delight. Yet, the ride is long, more will be penned down! Adios! Kachap


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