Fountain of the Orators in Place Saint-Sulpice by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

Variously called Fountain of the Orators, Fontaine Saint-Sulpice and also, in French, "La Fontaine des quatre points cardinaux," which means the "Fountain of the 4 Cardinal Directions," as it faces North, South, East, and West. This name is also a pun, because "points cardinaux" in French is a play on words. It can be understood as "Point Cardinaux" which means "not Cardinals," as all four of the bishops portrayed in the statues, while renown, were never elevated to the position of Cardinal. It is directly opposite Saint-Sulpice Church and is occasionally covered by a fair set up in the square. The annual Poesy Fair was during our current visit. We visited the Poesy Fair many years ago and one of the publishers started talking to me and ended up giving me a book of poetry which I cherish. We didn't have that luck this year but did enjoy the festival. I was also happy to get a photo before they set up the festival since the tents pretty much ruin the view.

Paris 6e Arrondissement , France


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