Centre international du vitrail (Stained Glass Museum) - Chartres by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

We've visited Chartres many times but this was our first visit to the stained glass museum. I'm not sure why unless it was time constraint that kept us from it before. It's right across from the Cathedral so an easy walk. We both paint so enjoy art, and stained glass is magnificent art and often lasts longer than any other medium. This is an international organization to preserve older stained glass and promote the creation of modern stained glass. They do exhibitions, workshops and all sorts of recovery efforts. They also exhibit modern stained glass. We have a particular interest because we donated a stained glass window to a church we attended many years ago. They built an addition and needed windows and it seemed a worthy cause. There were a set of seven and I wanted the one with the bird in it. There was a bit of competition but I got my bird window.


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