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You can buy the Oxybreath Pro Mask cover online today for around $50, making it one of the most costly facemasks you can purchase. Do a turn around picture search on the photographs of OxyBreath Pro. You'll understand that Novads has just rebranded an equivalent style facemask accessible from different retailers online for under $7. Joom, for instance, records an indistinguishable cover for just $5. That cover looks precisely equivalent to OxyBreath Pro: it utilizes a similar filtration framework and has a similar PM 2.5 rating. Truth be told, even the limited time pictures are indistinguishable. Supposedly, this is precisely the same cover. Anyway there is no assurance they will remain accessible as the interest ascends all through the world. Oxybreath Pro Mask is available on its official website with lot of discount: https://oxybreathpromask.org/oxybreath-pro-mask-malaysia/

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