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The commemorative custom pins are offers a level of detail and depth not attainable and are designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary. This is a statue of a goddess, A pair of wings on the back, arms in hand. The commemorative custom pins are true 3 dimensional look and feel, Surface of pin has many levels and angles. This is also called 3D pin, this type of lapel pins are a best way for the design like statues, animals, and human faces. Commemorative custom pins are made with 3D design, featuring with a beauty's profile, and antique brass plating and polishing to a shiny appearance. Each of commemorative custom pins includes a deluxe clutch back and is individually poly bagged. Hard Enamel Lapel Pins for Pretty Boy Custom Pins Size: 1" Thickness: 1.2mm Style: 3D cast/cut out lapel pins Finish: Antique brass Attachments: Deluxe Clutch Packaging: Individual Polybag

Walnut , USA


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