Pavillon Davioud in the Luxembourg Gardens by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

In July and August in the Davioud Pavilion of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Senate offers, free of charge, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures or photographs. The exhibitors absorb the costs of the partitions that the Senate installs for them and their own insurance. Each exhibitor is allocated a space of 90 m² for a period of 14 days as their sole responsibility. Nearly a million bees are foraging around the seventeen hives of the Rucher du Luxembourg (rucher meaning apiary). Each year they produce about 450 pounds of honey which is collected and sold every Autumn at the Orangerie du Luxembourg just a few minutes walk up the garden path. The hives have a color code on them not just for human benefit but the bees will associate with these so that they go back to their specific hive, and although these are the modern beehives, there are historical ones called skeps preserved within the Pavillon Davioud, which is where the beekeepers office, the school and the honey extraction centre are located. Not many people realize that bees do need water so there is a water fountain in the same style as the beehives designed specifically for the bees. It’s located in the middle of the enclosure with all the hives surrounding. Bees are thriving in Paris due to a policy of not using pesticides within any public gardens or parks.

Paris 6e Arrondissement , France


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