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This abandoned cargo plane from the old Soviet Union actually did not kill anyone when it crashed here in the 1980’s. They were lucky. This plane, registration CCCP-11815 is an Antonov AN-12. This is the second deadliest type of aircraft ever produced. The model was first produced in 1957 and 1248 of these dangerous planes were built in the Ukraine between 1957 and 1973. This particular plane came to rest in Massawa - due to crashing of course. It was damaged beyond repair while landing. No one is sure of the date, but its permanent location was first documented in April 1994. It has been used as a restaurant for the adjacent central bus-station in Massawa. It was not in use when I photographed it in October 2015.


Ils1976 3y

very interesting to be honest .... luckily it didn't kill anyone, the most important thing!

Vic_IV 3y

The monument to the Communism, I see...

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