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Psoriasis is a chronic condition that builds up swiftly on the skin cells, makes silvery-white scaly patches, flaky, and leads to dry and itchiness. This varies a person to person. It is a chronic autoimmune disease. The Skin has encircled by three main layers. Epidermis (top layer), Dermis (second layer), and the Subcutaneous or Hypodermis ( bottom layer). There are plenty of reasons to get attacked by Psoriasis. The skin renews its layers every month and if it stops, all the layers deadlock in a place. This lead to psoriasis. When your skin doesn’t have enough immunity power or grime stuck in your skin you will have this disease. It’s not a pandemic one. Though it’s a long-term disease. Siddha medicine is advisable Dr.Arun in ‘Herbal Health Care’ analyzes the root cause of the disease (Psoriasis) and decreases the level to control.

Vepery , India


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