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Tour Highlights: "Chinggis" Tourist Base Camp has a great location in the beautiful natural Tuul river Nomad's Sacred Valley of streams, pine trees, just 50km to the South-eastern side of "Terelj" National Park and 55km from UB . Our "Chinggis" Tourist Base Camp, was inaugurated in July 2002 in memory of "Chinggis" Khaan's 840th Birthday Celebration!. Location: From Ulaan Baatar (UB) to "Chinggis" tourist camp is 51 km paved road and 4 km unpaved road. This lovely tourist camp owned by Samar Magic Tours Co., Ltd, lies on the bank of "Tuul" river between 107°31'29" Longitude and 47°49'32'' Latitude. The average altitude is 1446m above sea level. Wildlife Viewing: The River Tuul Nomad's Sacred Valley - The river Tuul is one of the longest rivers of the country, flowing from the Khentii Mountain Range. The valley of the river has been called sacred for centuries by the nomads as they truly respect the nature expecially the rivers and the surface water. The beautiful valley in summer is often dotted with traditional Mongolian gers and offers picturesque sceneries. There are national gers in beautiful natural locations, so it's easy to meet with nomads and see their daily lives, interact with them to learn more about the lifestyle of Mongolian nomads, to show you theirs animal training, feeding, milking, food preparation, etc, explore by horse riding, go bird watching, take water adventures, go trekking or walking, go rock climbing, or go swimming in the "Tuul" river. Enjoy the view of this area, rich in wildflowers and berries during summer season, or enjoy Rafting on the Tuul River. This is the best option for Eco friendly tourism.


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