Nomad's tent on the Grasslands of Kham, Eastern Tibet by eastwest Star this if you like it!

The Tundra of Eastern Tibet is bright green in the short summer season in July and August and white with snow most of the ten month winter season. Nomads graze yak, sheep and goats and live far from their neighbors. Their tents are cool in summer and warm in winter because the hand woven yak wool strips are loose when it is warm and tight in cold air.They look like huge spiders crouching on the green carpeted hills.

四川省 , China


eastwest 14y

This is one of my favorite photos of the grasslands of Eastern Tibet where I have visited in summers for the last 30 years. I want to nominate it for the comp green contest but do not know if I have done this sucessfully as it does not yet appear on the contest pages for voting and neither do the other three I posted for the contest. This is the first time I have entered in such a contest as I have been very busy writing about all I have observed over the years. Please tell me if my photos are now elgible to be considered for the contest on Green. I have thousands of shots most taken with my Mamiya 645 J and other with a small pentax point and shoot. I may have to enter the 21st century now and go digital !!!.
I am 77 years old and old fashioned photographer but may give up the film soon.
Phila McDaniel. Reply to [email protected]

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