Guingamp - Basilique Notre Dame de Bon Secours - stained glass by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

Throughout the church you can see attractive stained glass windows, although many of these are 19th century rather than the original windows, and the stained glass above the Porte au Duc is a 20th century addition renovation after the original was damaged during the second world war. On a sunny day, the reflections inside the church are beautiful. The principal chapel, and a reason that many visitors come here, is the Chapel of the Black Virgin on the north side of the basilica. The statue of the black Virgin and infant Jesus is ancient although its origins are unclear, and in the 17th century was a major pilgrim destination, because of which parts of the church such as the oratory were expanded. The rest of this chapel is also interesting: the 12 statues of the apostles that overlook the black Virgin are a 19th century addition, as is the mosaic floor that is made from marble and shows a labyrinth, reminding visitors of the difficult path that must be followed to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Guingamp , France


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