The Swiss Swim in Every Bit of Natural Water by pscotterly 1 Star this if you like it!

Genève , Switzerland


It seems the Swiss swim and river surf in all their rivers. I just saw them in Thun also.

irenevt 1y

I've seen people float down rivers with all their possessions in a watertight bag. I think I saw it in Basel. I have not done this. I did swim in quite a fast river in Zurich. You had to grab hold of something to get out, as it was hard to stop moving forward with the water.

Thanks for the compliment. Have you swum in any of the rivers that flow through Switzerland? I always enjoy watching the river surfers. I hear many folks take winter dips also.

irenevt 1y

I have swum there and very enjoyable it was, too. Beautiful photo.

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