Village des Pêchers at Etang de Canet et Saint-Nazaire by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

This is a marvelous little fishing village across from a magnificent Mediterranean beach just outside Canet-en-Roussillon. It is free and has free parking as does the beach across the highway. It's a favorite place along the coast. Village des Pêchers at Etang de Canet et Saint-Nazaire is one of the European sites “Natura 2000” which preserve natural habitats, habitats of species. It is on the main Africa-Europe migration route and there are 230 species of bird listed including the famous flamingo which can be seen during migration. The ten fishing huts were rehabilitated in 1993 with traditional materials. They are no longer used as homes for fishermen but as a storage place to store nets and fishing equipment including the “trabaque,” the traditional fishing net. In the center of the village is the “Maison Commune,” a friendly place where fishermen meet, often to prepare eel bouillinade, a traditional dish. From May to October, there are around thirty fishermen fishing for eels and sea fish in the shallow lagoon.

St.-Nazaire , France


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