Collioure, France - one of many towers by Beausoleil Star this if you like it!

Collioure was a favorite with many of the French painters. There are frames set up all over the area where you can look through and see a famous painting in the original scene. The tower beside Église Notre-Dame des Anges which was a lighthouse, not a bell tower, has been immortalized by most French artists. There is a small Chapel of Saint Vincent nearby and you can walk there and to the small working lighthouse with great views of Collioure. There is parking above and below the Château and you can easily walk to all the sights from either. We parked at the top so had great views of both sides. There is the very touristed and busy side of the Château and the more peaceful beach side where you will also find the art museum. Both sides are interesting if completely different ways. Both sides have nice beaches but the touristed side is a much smaller beach with many more restaurants and activities.

Collioure , France


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