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Mollégès is a village in Provence that is currently growing. It is nearly a suburb of Saint-Remy-de-Provence and very near Avignon and many of the Provencal perched villages. It's a great central base for exploring the Luberon. They recently renovated the Château and the town is spic and span. They have all the necessities of life including good roads. It also manages to be quiet and fairly untouristed. They have a monument to the draft horse that is unique in the world. It is the cheval de trait and is the only stone monument to a draft horse carved from a single block of stone. It stands in front of the Château and near the stadium, church and recycling center . . . and free parking. The monument was carved by Camille Soccorsi from Tarascon. Work on the church, Église Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens, undertaken in the 1960s revealed paintings from the 19th century. The decoration of the choir with its landscapes of Provence was recently carried out by Anastasie Tchougounova-Tetrel. These also appear to be somewhat unique since we haven't seen anything similar in churches in Provence.


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