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T’BOLI DREAMWEAVERS. A T'boli weaver works on her Tinalak cloth in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato in Mindanao, Philippines. The Tinalak ‘sacred cloth’ is the T’boli tribe’s most fame product. Each single pattern, according to T’bolis, is dreamed by the weaver, and it comes in three ways: from the ancestors, from one's mother, and from one's own dream. A ceremonial clothing of both men and women, the Tinalak is a deep brown abaca cloth tie-dyed with intricate red and beige designs. Natural vegetable dyes are used to stain the fibres before the cloth is woven.It is exchanged at the time of marriage and is used as a covering during birth to ensure a safe delivery. The T'Boli believe that cutting the cloth will cause serious illness or death. If it is sold, a brass ring is often attached to appease the spirits. The Tinalak Festival, named after a woven cloth popularized by the T'boli tribe, is celebrated in the second week of July.


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