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FISHING IN A DYING LAKE. A father and son, of the Jakun tribe, patiently waiting to bait a fish in a ‘dying’ Lake Chini, located in the State of Pahang, Malaysia . The country’s second largest freshwater lake which is home to 144 species of freshwater fish is slowly dying due overgrowth of destructive weeds, illegal mining, logging and pollution. The lake used to attract scores of visitors, esp to Kampung Gumum, during its lotus blooming season every year, supplementing the meagre incomes of the tribe who lives around the lake,surviving by gathering jungle produce, hunting, fishing and cultivating crops. In a recent report, a research team from the National University of Malaysia stated that the lake is doomed if no immediate action is taken to save the lake’s ecosystem, prompting the state government of Pahang to seek Federal Government help to revive the lake of ‘legend and myth’


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