TP London Meetup, October 2009 by soupatrvlr Star this if you like it!

Lee, Greg, Sam, Holly & Hien enjoying pre-dinner drinks at Beaujolais

London Borough of Lambeth , United Kingdom


Poor Leigh, she had to deal with a rowdy crowd. Greg must be a happy guy cause he pretty much had that smile on his face all day, especially leading us through the streets of London with his map! Greg, you can be my tour guide any day!!!

Isadora 14y

That's your sexy Overlord look. I seem to recall having similar ones of that look taken in Montreal. I'm more concerned about that "Do it again! I love you!" smile on Greg's face.

Sam I Am 14y

Hehe, were those fingers behind Greg's head mine or Hien's? Not quite sure what that look is I'm pulling :)

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