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The extent of the federal line М-52 Novosibirsk – Tashanta makes 953 kilometers, from Biysk to border with Mongolia section is 589 km and it’s called the Chujsky Path. This highway allows to see diverse nature of climatic zones of Altai - from low hills of the North to mighty tops of the South, from narrow woody valleys of the Katun river, to wide steppes of the river Chuya valley. The Chujsky Path crosses two mountain passes – Seminsky, Chike-Taman and comes to the end with the Durbet-Daba pass where the Mongolia begins. The border of Altai and Mongolia lies on a two ridges joint – the Sailugem and the Chihachev ridge which heights reach 3500 meters above sea level. Fascinating panoramas of Kurajsky and Chujsky steppes will not leave indifferent any traveler. There are a very few settlements which basically settle down on a site to 650 km of road. It is the place where time is dissolved in space. On both parties of the Chujsky Path there is a set of historical places of interest, such as stone paintings also known as petroglyphs, stone steles, the Silk Way barrows and so on.


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