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Sat on the edge of Pulpit Rock, Norweigan Fjords by Gecko Star this if you like it!

This photo - taken when sitting on the edge on the edge of Pulpit Rock, 604 metres above the Lysefjord - is one I definitely won't be showing my parents!


Gecko 8y

Hi jsanguinet. Thanks for your comments. To get this shot, I sat right on the edge of Pulpit Rock, with my legs dangling over the edge and I leaned forward to take the photo - I definitely wouldn't recommend doing this, whether you are afraid of heights or not!

Whaou .. How did you did that ?
Really nice picture

Gecko 8y

Thanks very much for your kind comments! When I saw the boat going past, I rushed onto the edge as quickly as I could in order to get this shot - which on reflection, was probably not too sensible, but I'm really happy I did it now!

Utrecht 8y

I like your three photos that you tagged for the lookingdown competition. I bet they will seriously have a chance, especially this one, which definately will have my vote! Great composition, especially because of the boat way down there..;)

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