Grand Canyon from above by Vanzac Star this if you like it!

A trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon in a little turbo prop.plane. quite an astonishing landscapes runs under the wings!


Vanzac 14y

W>e flew to Grand Canyon with "SCENIC AIRWAYS"..... we were about 15 people in the plane, the 12 others were tourists from Japan, and the real fun is that right after take off, they ALL fel asleep until touch down!!!

I will check that but you're picture is really amazing :)

Vanzac 14y

Hi, I was on a little commercial flight between las Vegas and grand canyon. A turboprop with about 16 persons inboard! Quite a spectacular flight!! Check And tell me if you enjoyed the. Urban landscapes I took just after take off. Stephane

How did you took this photo ? really nice

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