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Period between 1804 and 1813 was very important for Serbia, since that is when First Serbian Uprising against Turkish yoke was taking place. For almost a decade Serbia was again considered an independent country, aided by Austrian Serbs, even Napoleon and Imperial Russia. However, this state was crushed by the Ottomans in 1813, causing wide spread Turkish vengeance. One of the battles that decided fate of modern Serbia was the battle of Cegar, where Turkish army has defeated the rebel Serbs, destroying their strongholds and cities. More than 10,000 Serbian soldiers have lost their lives in that battle. However, that wasn't the end. After their defeat, Turks had taken their (Serbian) sculls and used them to build a tower- "to show how rebels end up". It is one of the pilgramige sites in Serbia, where people go to commemorate this sadly event.

  • 2003


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