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That house was belong to Dr Ali Shariati. He lived there for only 2 years there. Dr Ali Shariati's most important books and speeches are as follow: 1- Hajj (The Pilgrimage) 2- Where Shall We Begin? 3- Mission of a Free Thinker 4- The Free Man and Freedom of the Man 5- Extracton and Refrinement of Cultural Resources 6- Martyrdom (book) 7- Arise and Bear Witness 8- Ali 9- An approach to Understanding Islam 10- A Visage of Prophet Muhammad 11- A Glance of Tomorrow's History 12- Reflections of Humanity 13- A Manifestation of Self-Reconstruction and Reformation 14- Selection and/or Election 15- Norouz, Declaration of Iranian's Livelihood, Eternity 16- Expectations from the Muslim Woman 17- Horr (Battle of Karbala) 18- Abu-Dahr 19- Islamology 20- Red Shi'ism vs. Black Shi'ism 21- Jihad and Shahadat 22- Reflections of a Concerned Muslim on the Plight of Oppressed People 23- A Message to the Enlightened Thinkers 24- Art Awaiting the Saviour 25- Fatemeh is Fatemeh 26- The Philosophy of Supplication 27- Religion versus Religion 28- Man and Islam - see chapter "Modern Man and His Prisons" Works An Islamic Utopian: A Political Biography of Ali Shari'Ati. Ali Rahnema. ISBN 1-86064-118-0


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