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Research transport options between your trip stops. Organise your travel research by trip stops Automatically creates a trip map as you go Collaborate with your travel companions Weather information about your destinations.

Travel planning made easy.

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  • Plan out your upcoming travels
  • Bookmark websites to your trip with our bookmarklet
  • Research flight/bus/train/driving options between stops
  • Uncover your travel stats
  • Automatically generates an embeddable travel map
  • Collaborate with other people

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The Bookmarklet

After adding the bookmarklet into your browser, you can use it to organise your online travel research in one handy place. Arrange websites you come across by which stop they are relevant to.

You can also add new stops to your trip or even create a new trip through the bookmarklet

Research Transport

Getting from one location to another means wading through a myriad of choices. To make this search easier, we've integrated results from travel search engine Rome2Rio to deliver you all the options. Not just flights, but combinations of buses, trains and driving directions including the travel times and distances for each option.

Links are included to airlines, bus and train companies.


Invite your travel companions to help plan your trip and all the work you've done will also instantly be available to them.

Helpful extras

We want to provide lots of helpful little extras to make planning fun and easy. If you're headed to a different country, you will see an Exchange Rates link with each stop. If your trip starts in the next few days, you'll see a weather forecast. If you bookmark a webpage that is geotagged, we'll automatically include a map with that bookmark.

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Start planning your trip!

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Here's a little screencast we did so you can have a good look at the main features.

Start planning your trip!