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Fiji Prepaid SIM Card

After fierce instruction from your local Fijian friend, you have succeeded in climbing your first palm tree.

Up there, surrounded by palm branches and coconuts and overlooking the sea, you decide somebody back home needs to share this moment with you.

For those times when you just need to get in touch with someone in Fiji or back home, prepaid SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates. Simply replace your SIM card with a prepaid Fiji SIM card and you will be set up to make all those important phone calls and send quick messages across the world, without paying excessively high roaming costs.

What our partner Telestial says

The prepaid SIM card for Fiji is the most simple and economical solution for making and receiving cell phone calls while in Fiji. ALL incoming calls, regardless of their origin, are always absolutely FREE! Outgoing rates, as outlined below, are extremely inexpensive as well. Since these SIM cards are prepaid, there is no need for a contract. Having an international cell phone while traveling overseas is indispensable in terms of security and convenience, and with a prepaid Fiji SIM card, it is now also affordable! We also offer other overseas destinations.

The SIM Card for Fiji includes:

  • 62 FJD ($32 USD) starter airtime credit
  • FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

Please Note: Your Fiji SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked GSM 900/1800/1900 compatible international cell phone. If you do not have your own international cell phone, Telestial has several compatible models available for your review and consideration.

Global SIM Cards

Both Telestial and ekit offer a range of region specific and global SIM cards. Starting at just US$ 9 (with credit included!), these cards represent good value for travellers interested in having only one SIM card and phone number to cover multiple countries, whilst keeping roaming charges in check.

Fiji Calling Card

For those not interested in travelling with a mobile, calling cards are a great way to call home cheaply. Consider these benefits:

  • Save up to 70% on international calls
  • Make calls from over 150 countries worldwide
  • No sign-up or monthly fees
  • Toll-free access numbers
  • Pay in advance or pay later
  • And much more...

We've compared two popular calling cards to illustrate some benefits. Visit the International Calling Cards page for details. Or visit both providers directly to compare for yourself.

Quick Fiji SIM Card Facts

  • Price: USD 99
  • Country Phone Code: +679
  • Network: GSM 900/1800/1900

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