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Travel tips to help you out while you are on the road

These travel tips were put together to help out travellers on the road. They won't guarantee you have a great trip, but they might help!

Always keep an eye on your luggage!

No matter what country you are in or what kind of travelling you are doing, always keep an eye on your luggage. Having your backpack or suitcase stolen is a REAL pain!

Travel nights

If you are on a budget and only have limited travelling time, travelling by night is a great idea as you save on accommodation and it leaves you more time during the day to enjoy your destination. Needless to say, this doesn't work if you are driving yourself!

Dental Floss

Dental floss can be very useful while travelling as it can be used to fix all manner of things, from bike chains to mending clothes. And it works well to clean in between your teeth too.... (suggestion by Nico Daams, lifelong traveller)

Money Belts

Be sure to wear these under your shirt instead of over it. Although you might feel secure, all it takes is cutting the strap and a good pull and you will have the headache of losing all your valuables. If kept under your clothes, money belts are less conspicuous and it is harder to pull off the whole belt in one go.

Food on the road

If you don't trust the food you encounter or if you are having a hard time choosing where to eat, go to where the locals are. The food is usually cheaper and if the locals eat there, you have a good chance the food is the best around.


If you are making day trips or exploring areas you don't know, always take water with you, especially if you are in countries where the tap water isn't drinkable!

Travellers' Cheques

When using travellers' cheques, be sure not to co-sign the cheques in advance. Firstly, a lot of currency exchange offices do not accept cheques that are already co-signed and secondly, it is a lot safer as no one else can cash your cheques if they get their hands on them.


Keep your ears open at all times, especially if you are staying in a hostel. The best travelling experiences tend to be recommended by other travellers!

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