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Ask them a question and they give their own personal insight into destinations around the world, providing travel information that can't be found in any guide; information from their own experience!

Silvia Nocella is a Travel Helper for Uruguay. She explained exactly why she likes the concept so much:

What is Travel Helping about?

"There must be plenty of different reasons for becoming a Travel Helper, but basically I think the main issue is participating in the created value of fostering connections between individuals who share a common passion: TRAVELLING."

What is expected as a Travel Helper?

"You are expected to give some of your time, sharing some of your knowledge, trying to make other people's trips easier and more enjoyable by providing those details that can make the difference and that you still can't find over the internet. You never know what kind of questions to expect, some of them will be easy to answer and some of them you won't have a clue about."

What is in it for me?

"I would say that the biggest benefit is the interaction with other people, getting to know new people, some as different from you as they can be, in age, in culture, in background. Sometimes, you get to meet these people (I love it!) and you are able to build relationships that will last over time.

You ask me what I find so great about being a Travel Helper? The feeling of getting back much more than you are giving! So, go ahead, join us and start sharing the experience!"

Written by Silvia Nocella, a travel helper for Uruguay.

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