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Hello, pleasure to meet you all *tips hat*. I'm so excited about these up-coming travels I can't tell you. I think i just woke up about 6 months ago and something shouted "now, go travelling NOW" and now i really can't wait to get out there into this big wide world and for a whole year!

The family holidays as a kid always loved a good beach and it's never been my bag particularly. Last year's trip to Hong Kong to visit my best mate from uni, changed everything. I sort of woke up to realising I needed to find out more about this little planet - not all the hot places have to involve bat and ball on a beach and sand in awkward places. don't get me wrong, a beach is nice, but i'm more excited about the people you meet on that beach and coming up with some crazy arty project to do before you skip town whilst enjoying a beer. I want to have an adventure.

I really hope I can get involved in a bit of art / theatre / drama whilst i'm away. If that's playing drama games in an orphanage / school somewhere or community theatre in Hong Kong or acting myself, I really don't know. i just know I have to involve it a bit whilst I'm away. Please do make suggestions if you have any! I will whore my drama talents for the price of a decent meal or roof over my head!

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    teacups and DIY

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    lamma island, hong kong. try and catch it mid-typoon... go on... try...


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