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64 years old • Male • Citizen of USA • Photographer/Teacher

I started out as photo student at my high school, and used my father's Rangefinder Contax, and a Praktica, that later did the usual newspaper, and yearbook, then went to City College of SF, leading in getting a BFA degree at the Academy of Art, then did some Fashion on the side, and next had to get a job. Soon a year later, I went on my first trip to Japan in 1985, since then I change from Fashion to do Travel & Documentary Photo. Since then I have traveling mostly every year, and in 2004, and then got a job teaching photography with a side order of digital. I enjoy in what I'm doing, and that with photography media changing every 6 months that I still rely on shooting film. Only work there for about 4 months, then I return back to San Francisco, and work in the camera store again where I started there in the first place. Even though I have seen ALOT of changes in traditional to digital photography, but its the image that is memorable.

In the gear that I used well I have 40 year Nikon's, and still have them, and I do have a Fuji Finepix 4700, and Nikon Coolpix 950, as my early models of Digital shooting, now bounce up to the Fuji S3Pro, and XE1 and still use my Nikkor lenses but then I went back shooting onto film, and I scan them myself, then later I bought a Canon 7, and Canon Vt Rangefinder, and also some Kiev 4(Contax Copies) Rangefinders. I love in using them, they do not the normal Bells, and Whistles. Plus I do not like using when I see the latest in camera gadgets, and seeing a camera geek trying to take a photo to see if that would make it better. And last getting another camera does not make you a better shooter, just better in taking a photograph - When using a camera what ever model eg. Pentax, or an old Canon-Konica-Minolta Rangefinder or a Holga-Diana or Lomo camera - remember a photographer is a good as a simplest camera. Just pre-visualize in what you are seeing, and then SNAP the photo.

I really use just simple logic to used a camera, and I remember what photographer Edward Steichen said: "No Photographer is as good as the Simplest Camera". And my hang ups are people who brag about their gear lugging those huge lens with their cameras-whats with that? can you keep it simple? to me there not shooters-just braggers-wanna be's. I do have and used Lightroom , I have the simplest gear, film, and flatbed scanner, and Adobe Photoshop 5, CS2 and Jasc Pro Paint Shop9, with the touch of DXO software and Nero, and Wondershare, Roxio-Video Expressions. I am more happier with using those in what I can use. I am more interested in the Photograph-the PHOTOGRAPH that's all, Mind you, and again my photo instructors in the pass has ask me if you have a system, and use it, do not change, and keep it simple stupid. My digital gear is a Fuji Finepix, and Coolpix are only 2 pixels, and I also have the Fuji Finepix S2Pro, S3 Pro. so I'm happy with it. Just have fun, and created photography.

My work has been publish, and one of my photos has been used in a book jacket of a shot that when I was in the Philippines. With the scarce of film been phasing out I do get a chance to shoot film as much that I can get my hands on, but I also will be making digital negatives from my digital files, and to make B/W prints in using the old method way of printing this method is called: Pictorico.

  • Hobbies:

    I like to collect old Cameras for their design, Photography books, especially from Japan, and also enjoyed movies I have a wonderful excellent collection. Love animals, lot of cats in Japan. and weather like of SF, but no snow. still I like the winter time there, I always carry my camera, if its either film, or digital model.

  • Favourite places:

    I have been to Denmark, France, Belarus, Romania, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany and the Philippines. If you have any questions of the photos please write to me: My fondest dream is to retired, and going to Japan to continued with my photography in which it will be new there as I have 45 years of shooting film. Thank You

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