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About @AmorRah

Female • Professional Frequency Elevator

Eye am 41 years old, free spirit with the kindest heart 💚.
Eye love Life. Eye love Love. Something many don't know about me is eye have collected over 80 heart tattoos😍
Excited to be invited as an administrator for a new program being established by the University of The Wild in Petersham, Massachusetts. We will be creating a network of sustainable Ecovillages. This is a major blessing for me as eye have been homeless since May due to a failed engagement. Bigger and better things are bound to happen.
Eye am a Libra with both Virgo Moon and Ascending. Eye will forever be a servant of God and my community. Angels are always watching over me. Eye am so grateful this experience, it confirms that everything eye have learned in my journey so far will be put to use.
Eye am an open book please feel free to connect with me anytime.
If you are reading this know that Eye am sending you an abundance of high frequency vibrations of Love to surround and uplift you. And if you're going through hard times know that this too shall pass💚

  • Hobbies:

    Photography, anything outdoors, networking and meeting New people, Cooking, gardening and herbology, singing, dancing, volunteering, reading, studying: Jurisprudence, astrology, tracing bloodlines, numerology, any science really! Eye love to learn!

  • Favourite places:

    my future favorite places will be my life mission to travel to all the places in north America where my great great great grand parents were born, raised and lived💚

Always Lead with Love


on my way home💚

15 Nov 2022 - 19 Nov 2022 • 4,075 kms


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