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35 years old • Female • Citizen of New Zealand • Caring

Well, as you may notice from other parts of my profile on here, I'm a bit of a slacker, I don't seem to have updated this in the last three years! A pity, given I quite like it! But I have been far too busy doing things to fill it up with, you see!

  • Hobbies:

    Doing new stuff. I like to learn and do, love and like. I like going out to live gigs, having a beer, walking on the beach, getting lost in foreign cities, swimming in the rain. I love animals and people. I also like making bread :-D

  • Favourite places:

    Well, favourite places so far... I love Italy. "The Rock" of Isola d'Elba will always hold a special place in my heart, I will go back many times I am sure.

    Turkey (for the very little I saw of it) entranced me, the music from the mosques at night was surreal and magical, my imagination was set alight...

    Russia... such warm and welcoming people! A place of extremes.

    Mauritius- like Turkey, East meets West meets North and South! Africa + India + France = paradise for food, culture and an amazing people on a wonderful island!

    Then there's England, with her good old fashioned country pubs! Can't beat a pint of Butty :-)

Que sera, sera.



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New Zealand

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