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38 years old • Male • writer

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    Skiing, history, Mountaineering and trekking, Homebrewing (Beer making), SCUBA diving, wine tasting, etymolgy, anthropology, and of course, travel.

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    Home is always home so I do love Austria (Kaernten and Salzburg), Las Pampas in Uruguay and Argentina are stunning as well as Patagonia. I'm always seeking to add new places to my "Favourite Places"

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I am from there originally and have spent much time there.

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I've spent several months there climbing, trekking, teaching and living with a local family. I also have been doing research for an upcoming book on the topic of Nepal and the various cultures and histories in the state.

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I have spent many months there because my partner is from there. We have travelled there extensively and know the area well from more than a tourist point of view.

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