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Female • Cheerfully retired

I'm a refugee from Virtual Tourist where I specialized in France, particularly the countryside and budget travel. We rent gites and lease a car for most of our trips and spend from seven days to a month in each place using it as a base for day trips.

We've visited France, Austria, the UK including Scotland and Ireland; Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain and in North America, 49 of the 50 US states; Canada, Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. We haven't visited Hawaii . . . our one holdout. Most of our trips are to France or at least partly to France.

  • Hobbies:

    Retired classical musician who loves travel and painting with watercolors. I used to play the French horn and when I retired, I retired. Painting has been great fun since then. Also love reading, bicycling and walking.

  • Favourite places:

    Paris and the rest of France. Paris is the only city I truly love. The rest of France is like magic to me though. I love to get out away from the cities and explore the countryside with its wonderful feeling of history.

  • Elsewhere: Watercolors by Sally + photos
Live long enough to see it all.


2023 Dordogne, Occitanie and Provence

26 Apr 2023 - 23 May 2023 • 962 kms


Brittany and Normandy

15 Sep 2021 - 13 Oct 2021 • 18,359 kms

USA France

Burgundy and Alsace 2019

10 Sep 2019 - 09 Oct 2019 • 942 kms


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We've spent a couple months in or near Saint-Remy-de-Provence and have known the area well for many years. We rent so I don't know hotels, but any other questions are welcome. It is an excellent base for visiting western Provence if you have a car or enjoy bicycling or hiking.

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We've spent quite a bit of time in the Midi-Pyrénées and love the area. If you have questions about visiting, ask and I'll see if I can help or direct you to more information. We usually have a car and rent a gite (cottage) in a rural area although we often do day trips to cities.

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Centre-Val de Loire

We've visited Centre and the Loire Valley for over 25 years. We finally made it completely through the Pays de la Loire in 2016 so have pretty much covered the entire Loire Valley. Most of the famous chateaux are in Centre and there are marvelous churches and abbeys too. There is a very nice zoo with a white tiger in St. Aignan and, of course, the rivers and all water activity. We've visited over 100 chateaux in and out of the Loire and love the small towns and villages. We usually rent a gite (country cottage) and occasionally a B&B and take day trips in the area. I'd love to answer any questions you have and encourage you to travel to the Loire Valley.

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Occitanie, the former Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées has been a favorite vacation destination for us for over 25 years. We usually rent a gite (country cottage) in a rural area and make day trips throughout the region. Before GPS we got lost a lot so we have plenty of off-the-beaten-track travel information. This is a marvelous part of France and a good way to escape the hordes of tourists in some of the more well-known regions. If you enjoy your fellow tourists (as we do), there are plenty in places like Carcassonne and Collioure with tourists aplenty. These places are popular for a reason. However, there are equally lovely places with not a tourist in sight for no reason we can discern.

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We've traveled extensively in the Aquitaine area, usually renting a gite (country cottage) for a month in different places. We're particularly fond of the Dordogne region or Perigord and if you've read any of the Inspector Bruno books, you will want to visit. It's the land of fois gras, caves and prehistoric art along with excellent wine and amazing food.

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We've visited Paris over a dozen times (I've stopped counting) and we spent a month there for our 50th anniversary and again for our 55th. We love the city and its wonderful public transportation system. We're budget travelers who consider Paris a budget destination so if you are looking for suggestions on how to save money and still see romantic, historic, artistic and beautiful Paris, please ask. There are an incredible number of free things to do, cheap transportation options and lovely hotels in the center of the city that don't cost an arm and a leg. Food can actually be cheaper than at home . . . depending on where you live.

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Have spent some time in Reims and enjoy the city and region. Will be happy to answer questions.

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Loire Valley

We've visited the Loire Valley from Sully-sur-Loire in the east clear to the western end of the Loire in the region Pays-de-la-Loire at Saint-Nazaire. Several trips with several bases and with friends near Amboise to answer questions. We've visited all the major chateaux and many not-so-famous ones. There is a chateau in nearly every larger and many smaller towns in the area. My favorite chateaux are Azay-le-Rideau and Villandry but we love the garden festival at Chaumont and any living history exhibits we happen upon.

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Pays de la Loire

Recently spent a month driving around the Pays de la Loire. We rented gites (holiday cottages) in three different places including one inside the Briere Regional Park. I have a 30-day blog on that trip here on TravellersPoint.

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I've traveled extensively in France over the past 20+ years including Paris and much of rural France. We typically spend a week in a gite doing day trips in the area. We've stayed in most areas of the country including Alsace, Provence (PACA), Burgundy, Normandy, Bretagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Centre, Midi-Pyrenees, the Loire and the Dordogne, etc. I had extensive Travel Pages on Virtual Tourist (now off line) on France and was a top poster for both Paris and the rest of the country. If you need information, please let me know.

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