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61 years old • Male • Construction Project Manager

I grew up in the mountains of southwest Virginia. I'm an engineer by education, and manage large construction projects for Tennessee Tech University. I've been married for 30 years to a girl from NYC, that I met in Maine....she's a fantastic travel companion, I adore her, and I love traveling with her!

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    Motorsports (retired driver), fishing, boating, shooting sports, kayaking, travel, tournament poker, photography (film and digital), camping............we stay busy.

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    Iceland, Scotland, and Switzerland.

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Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant taste of death but once.- Shakespeare


Christmas 2017-2018

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DEFIANT: 2016/2017- A Europe tale

21 Dec 2016 - 09 Jan 2017 • 16,814 kms

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Outside my southern comfort zone 2015

18 Dec 2015 - 03 Jan 2016 • 15,877 kms

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I grew up near Roanoke and have been in and out of the city my entire life. I have friends there and visit fairly often. I know Roanoke and the New River Valley area well. If I can be of help, please ask!

Ask Bill Hall a question about Roanoke.


I'm surprised there are so few traveler helpers on so many cities. While we don't live in Chattanooga, it isn't far from us, and we know it well enough to give a little advice. If you have any questions, please ask! If we don't know...we probably know someone who does.

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Nashville is the closest major city to us. We are in Nashville quite often, know our way around, and know about a lot of the sights in the city. We're not that familiar with the mass transit system but are quite familiar with driving in Nashville. We know many "locals" places to eat, listen to music, and to shop. We hope we can help with questions about Nashville!

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There are no "travel helpers" shown for Berlin. I'm quite surprised as it is such a destination. While we do not know everything about Berlin, we have stayed in Berlin a couple of times. We've done the Christmas Markets, many of the major sights, and a couple of "off the beaten path" sites. We understand the transit systems and how to get from place to place. While we don't know everything, we can certainly help! Especially with the area around Rosenthaler Platz, our favorite neighborhood. I hope we're able to help! Berlin is one of our favorite, if not most favorite cities.

Ask Bill Hall a question about Berlin.


While we don't know everything about Murren, we spent several days there. It is a wonderful place and as it is not large, one can learn much in just a few days. We love Murren!

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