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31 years old • Male • Blogger, SEO, Web Designer, Student

I'm Brice Aka Brice Super Tramp. Ex-Military, Traveler, Web Designer and Blogger. I am from the backwoods of Georgia, where I learned how to become the black Bear Grylls. After my few years in the Army, I decided to spend my time becoming more cultured and teaching others how to travel.

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    Thailand, South Africa, Afghanistan, Romania, Germany

Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth.


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I've been traveling America since the age of 4, and I have been to every continent in the world. Generally, my first destination in a new country is it's famous landmarks. After briefly reading your current Famous Landmarks Travel Guide, I see room for improvement. Specifically, I would like to provide particular Landmarks for each section, limiting them to major regions in that particular country to keep the list small but still informative.

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