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71 years old • Female • Retired

I love to travel and want to keep seeing more of the world. I retired in December 2016 so now I have even more time to plan extended trips. I have many places left to experience.

  • Hobbies:

    Well, my main hobby now is travel and keeping up on my travel blog. I also do quite a bit of volunteering - library, arts center and teaching conversational English.

  • Favourite places:

    Rome tops my list. I have an undefinable love of this amazing city. I go every year! Some of my most amazing adventures have been Uganda, especially seeing the Mountain Gorillas, Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam, Cambodia...the list is very long. There are few places I have traveled that I would not go to again.

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Russia. Baltics, Poland and beond

11 Sep 2019 - 04 Nov 2019 • 2,952 kms

Russia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Czech Republic

My Next Adventure

22 Jan 2017 - 21 Feb 2017 • 5,712 kms

Italy Egypt Greece

A New Adventure - Israel & Jordan

24 Dec 2015 - 10 Jan 2016 • 619 kms

Israel Jordan

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  • Travel For One - Exploring the world
  • Ethiopia - 75 Days - We will travel together for about a month. I have to come back to the US on January 12th - it's that work thing! Richard will continue on his own checking out the southern areas of Ethiopia. We will do the 'northern circuit' together.
  • India - Camels, Color, Curry - So, this will be the year we go to India! Richard leaves next Saturday and will spend 2 weeks in Cambodia and then meet me in Delhi on December 14th (my arrival). We will spend almost a month traveling throughout Rajasthan Province which is the large northern province that borders on Pakistan on the west. Our mode of transport will be primarily train since they are so pervasive in India but we will have once stretch were we will have to travel by bus or hired car. We are not exactly off the beating path but it will be a great adventure and one we are especially looking forward to after having to cancel last year. We are both healthy and strong again!
  • And now, Uganda! - I have always dreamed of seeing the Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. We have only heard/read wonderful reports of travel in Uganda so we decided this was the place for us this year. We will do our best to keep the blog as current as possible while we are there. Excited!
  • A New Adventure - Israel & Jordan - I am excited to be off on another adventure this winter. This time I will visit Israel and Jordan. I am looking forward to exploring these two countries and seeing the incredible ancient places in each. I am traveling this time with a tour. I looked long and hard into this as I am not a "tour" person but found a company that specialized in small groups so, this too, will be a new experience. I do have some time on my own. I will have 2 days in Jerusalem on my own at the beginning of my travels and then 2 days in Amman at the very end.
  • New Adventures Jan/Feb 2017 - I have spent a lot of time in Rome but never more than a week or so at a time. Now that I am retired, I am going to spend six weeks there and learn how to "live" there. After Rome, I head to Athens for a week and then Egypt for two weeks.
  • Russia, Baltics, Poland and more - Travel 2019

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