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Female • Corporate Consultant

I've been told often that on most days my enthusiasm for life and everything that it brings its way surpasses all comprehension.

  • Hobbies:

    "READING", absolutely love the feeling of holding a hardbound book, hearing the crackle of stiff paper and listening to the sound of a page being turned though in the spirit of being honest I have to admit that off-late I've been managing with e-books(albeit grudgingly).
    I adore spending time with friends, making collages , blogging, having long conversations on the phone or in person, foraying into gastronomic adventures and of course TRAVELLING.

  • Favourite places:

    LANDOUR - SANIBEL ISLAND ..... HOLLAND .................... and then there's always PARIS.

    In all fairness its difficult to limit choices to just mountains and beaches. Sometimes I love spending time around archaeological sites while sometimes I cant get enough of staring as tall sky scrapers and twinkling city lines. Sometimes I like to still still at one place and take in the view all day and on some days I've hopped on board a city tour bus and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

    They are all different experiences but have all been equally rewarding.

I'm not like anybody else


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