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74 years old • Female

In 2012 I had an epiphany. Life is short. I went on a three month backpacking trip to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Morocco etc with my son. I set my budget at fifty dollars per day even though that was a low ball figure according to the guidebooks.
But using this budget enabled me to cover a lot of ground!!
We had a rich, cultural experience on the cheap. If you think you cannot afford to travel, think again.
In 2015 my sister and I traveled through China for 28 days - two grannies on a shoe string budget, yes, we had a great time.
2016 - Spain and Portugal - the Iberian Penninsula in December
2017 - Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Malta and Spain - 78 days with only carry-on luggage - included two operas and a stint as volunteers teaching English in Spain. Fabulous - fjords, mountains, beaches, ancient ruins, trains, planes, buses and automobiles.

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    Travel, blogging, felting, genealogy, reading, quilting, thinking.

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    Subotica, Serbia, Tallinn, Estonia, Stockholm Sweden, San Francisco, Victoria, Savannah, Seattle, Portland, Saskatoon, Calgary, Selcuk, Turkey
    Warsaw, Poland, Lisbon, Portugal, Norway, Malta, Belgrade

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The Iberian Penninsula in December

16 Dec 2016 - 18 Dec 2016 • 19,012 kms

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China for Cheap

18 Oct 2015 • 22,469 kms

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Cheap Seats at the Opera

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