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45 years old • Female • Research Analyst

so...i'm a native new yorker. which typically means i work too much, i like to get to the point and i don't take sh** from anybody. but don't let that scare you. i'm a keeper...

  • Hobbies:

    traveling the unbeaten path...
    learning unique trades -- the more challenging, the better!
    dj'ing and listening to electronic music endlessly -- i have good taste and i know where the party is at, but i'm not limited to this genre...
    fabricating metal jewelry. experimenting with mediums -- let's get creative and make something!
    obsessing over art and architecture -- yes. i will stare at a good piece of work for far too long
    daydreaming about quitting my job (well, i won't have to if i win the lotto)
    driving, cycling, walking...
    tasting wine, coffee, tea -- and anything else that's interesting!

  • Favourite places:

    Hamburg, Germany
    Barcelona & Madrid, Spain
    Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
    San Francisco, CA
    Playa Del Carmen...Yucatan...
    Toronto & Montreal, Canada
    New York City - how can i not love my hometown...

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