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55 years old • Female • Lawyer, Homebased Business Entrepreneur

I am a major Type A personality! I left my job practicing law two years ago, so that I could eliminate the stress and finally be able to place my family at the very top of priority list! That was the best decision I ever made! I now run a relatively stress-free homebased internet business, making more money than I was practicing law! Go figure! My legal, political and real estate careers have taken me to the Caribbean quite frequently over the years. As a result, I am known on the internet as "The Caribbean Contessa". I send out a free weekly ezine, entitled, "The Island Lover's Guide to the Caribbean" sharing the information I obtain while visiting the islands! I feel very blessed to have the life I have. Although I have always worked extremely hard to get where I am, I also truly believe in the power of "The Secret", and I concentrate on living my life that way each and every day. I would like to converse with people who have visited any of the Caribbean Islands, and I would like to compare notes on the pros and cons of both vacationing and residing in the islands. I would like to hear your thoughts about the restaurants, resorts, transportation, etc.

From the title of the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, my motto is, "Ask and It Is Given"


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